Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter 2014!

Happy Easter, my friends!  I do hope that you are celebrating and worshiping our risen Savior!  If you don't have a church you regularly attend, ask a friend with whom you could go!  And if you live near ME, come to MY church!  What a delight it would be to have you there!!  (Seriously, email me if you want details.

We dyed Easter eggs last night for the very first time with the adopted crew (well, the little one else was interested. Whatever!).

One of them asked me where we would insert the candy.  What the what?  They were completely clueless of the boiled (REAL) egg procedure.  So it was fun to see them experience it for the first time!  (But as a mom who's been doing this for 20+ years, I'm just so very tired.  SO tired.)

Here's the pictorial:

And Brenden is home!  But since he doesn't like to be photographed (along with the rest of the Big crew), here is one of the few photos I got of him, in his native state.  Happy to be here, but annoyed that I would dream of taking a pic of him.

And that's about it, my Easters friends!  Enjoy your weekend as you praise and worship our Redeemer!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mater and Me

Goodness gracious.  I have never in my life been a dog person.  Oh, sure...I love my Zekey, and I sure did adore my Domino (RIP), but I still have never thought of myself as a dog-lover.

But I'll tell you something.  Everything has changed because NOW I am a grandmama to a new grand-doggy!  Nick got a new dog and I am loving him so much.  His name is Mater.  And he is so sweet.  And the thing is, I love having a little someone to nurture that doesn't require anything of me except a limited amount of my time.  Which makes me want to give him ALL my time!  (Okay, not really.  But sort of.)

Here's what we did yesterday:

He's so happy, can't you tell?  And perhaps a tad frightened by my high-pitched-grandma squeals of praise.

Have a happy Tuesday, people!  And hug your fury friends, okay?  

(Ya'll could probably make some serious cash by placing bets on how long I last in this current state of crazy.)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring was Here! {now it's gone}

Spring is so here!  Wait, well it was here, at least over the weekend.  But it's gone now. 
It was sure nice while it lasted.

Here are some photos to prove it.  Lots of fun and new spring life!

This is one of my peach trees.  The pink buds are positively stunning! 

Have a fabulous spring/wintery day, my friends!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Chick Days 2014

As you may have seen on Facebook, K-Man and I bought some baby chicks last night on our date!  We went to the farm store to buy grass seed but came out with 14 chicks instead because I could NOT resist them.  

Chicks are simply too irresistible, aren't they?  

  The kids had no idea we were bringing any home, and they were so tickled!

And because I know someone will ask, here's what we bought:

Rhode Island Reds
Silverlaced Whyandottes
Buff Orpingtons

They are chirping away in my kitchen right now, which I love.  Except this morning around 4:00 AM.  That's when I was reminded how thankful I am not to have any human babies that need me to actually get up and do something.

We'll soon re-home them in the little red hen house, where they'll live happily ever after...or until they stop laying eggs, whichever comes first.  Again, happy to be human because according to those standards...well, Lori would be on her way out.  Ha!

Have a chirpy weekend, folks!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Little Lunch Dates

The Littles and I decided that it was a good day for an impromptu picnic!

 (I hope you are celebrating Crazy Hair Thursday with me!)

What fun lunch dates!

And speaking of dates....tonight is date night with K-Man!
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